Procedure for the Registration of Title to Land in Nigeria

Procedure for the Registration of Title to Land in Nigeria

Ownership and transfer of land is the gamut of the real estate sector in Nigeria. The real estate sector in Nigeria is one of the most thriving industries in the country and although the circumstances and peculiarity of each land or property transaction vary, what will be found is that individuals, corporations, and investors tend […]

Constitutional Amendment – Exclusion of Intervening Events in Electoral Matters

The integrity and transparency of any democratic system hinge on the constitutional framework 1 governing its electoral process. Over the past two decades of Nigeria’s Fourth Republic, the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (“Constitution”) has undergone numerous amendments to adapt to the evolving needs of the nation. Among these amendments, the fifth […]

Legal Threshold of a Valid Will in Nigeria

A Will is a testamentary disposition usually made by a testator to give instructions to his executors on how he wishes to have his/her assets distributed upon his demise. There is a lot of skepticism about Will making, but if it is made in compliance with the dictates of the law it is usually beneficial […]

An Overview of The Evidence (Amendment) Act 2023

The Evidence (Amendment) Act 2023 (the “Amendment Act”) was signed into law by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on 12th June 2023. The Amendment Act did not repeal the Evidence Act 2011 (the “Principal Act”), however, it amended some provisions of the Principal Act by introducing new provisions with the aim of […]

Compensation/Remedies for Flight Delays and Cancellations in Nigeria

It is commonplace to witness the rage of disgruntled customers at any local Nigerian airport expressing their disappointment for the cancellation or delays in their flight to their respective destinations. This unilateral act on the part of airlines, however justifiable in the circumstances comes with significant and sometimes dire levels of inconvenience to customers whose […]

An Appraisal of Defence of Sovereign Immunity in the Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards

As the global landscape evolves and international trade flourishes, arbitration has emerged as a preferred mechanism for resolving international commercial disputes, providing parties a neutral forum and a streamlined process. Some international economic activities engage active participation of sovereign States in partnership with private investors. In some economic arrangements, sovereign states offer consent to arbitration […]

The Nigerian Arbitration and Mediation Act, 2023 – the Dawn of a New Era for Arbitration and Mediation Practices in Nigeria.

The Arbitration Law of any nation is the established legal framework for resolving disputes outside the traditional court systems by providing parties to a dispute, with a fair and impartial alternative to litigation. As a piece of legislation, it may seek to foster efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and confidentiality in resolving conflicts by allowing parties to choose […]

The Time Frame Within Which Names of Ministers and Commissioners Nominated for Appointment are to be Submitted for Confirmation – What the Law Says

On Friday, 17th March 2023, news made the rounds that the immediate past President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari signed 16 Constitutional amendment Bills into law. One of these amendment Bills is the Fifth Alteration (No.23) which altered the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended) (“the 1999 Constitution”) […]

Procedure for Dissolution of Marriage Under Customary Law

The process for dissolution of a marriage in Nigeria depends on whether the couple entered into a statutory marriage or a traditional marriage. Customary marriages are dissolved in line with the customs and traditions of the locality where the marriage was contracted, while statutory marriages are dissolved in accordance with the applicable laws governing marriage […]