The Case of Twitter’s Change To ‘X’- Maximizing Brand Value and Trademarks in M&A Transactions

A Review of the Copyright Act of 2022

On the 17th day of March 2023, the President of Nigeria assented to the Act passed by the Nigerian National Assembly in 2022 repealing the Copyright Act of 2004 and enacting the Copyright Act of 2022. The new Act represents a significant overhaul of the previous legislation, establishing a comprehensive legal framework for copyright protection […]

Intellectual Property as Collateral- A Review of the Stma Act

It is, indisputable that intellectual property (IP) rights represent important assets for companies within the innovative ecosystem and often comprises the foundation for market dominance and continued profitability. The value of these companies are mostly built on intangible assets, that can be used as collateral to obtain financing. For the last 25 years, the world […]

Innovating Finance: How IP Insurance Can Transform Nigerian Innovative Startups.

Introduction In the evolving global economy, intellectual property (IP) has emerged as a critical asset for businesses, especially for startups and innovation-driven enterprises. IP assets, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights, represent significant value for many companies, but leveraging them to secure financing has traditionally been fraught with challenges, primarily due to the difficulty in accurately […]