The Legal Advisor

The Legal Advisor

Ring in the New Year with Insight! Welcome to the inaugural issue of “The Legal Advisor” by Tope Adebayo LP, your go-to resource for everything in Corporate and Commercial Law! This 2024 kick-off edition dives deep into the groundbreaking trends revolutionizing M&A, SPACs, ESG investing, and Innovative Financing. Get the inside scoop on what’s shaping […]

Board Evaluation: An Effective Tool of Corporate Governance and Sustainability

Effective and proactive Boards play a crucial role in the facilitation of a sustainable business. One essential tool for corporate sustainability is periodic board evaluations. When rightly conducted, board evaluation critically assesses the capacity and capability of members of the Board, identifies their strengths and weaknesses, and areas for improvement. It may also provide the […]

A Guide to Adopting Corporate Governance for Startups

Corporate governance is a system that an organization puts in place to ensure its efficiency and sustainability. This system includes the rules, principles, ethics, and measures required to ensure compliance with regulatory and standard practice. Most jurisdictions have established standard corporate governance practices for public companies, emanating from an understanding of the need for a […]

Crowdfunding in Nigeria – Review of the Securities and Exchange Commission Proposed Rules

Crowdfunding, also known as “online financing,” is defined as raising funds to finance a project or business from the public using an online platform. A crowdfunding platform could be a website portal, intermediary portal, mobile application, or other similar medium of exchange employed to facilitate interaction between fundraisers and the investing public.[2]The concept of crowdfunding […]

Legal Mechanism for Investor Protection in Private Equity Transactions in Nigeria

According to the African Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, 73 percent of the total value of private equity deals in West Africa between the years 2013 to 2018 were recorded in Nigeria. This trend continued into 2019 and 2020 with a high volume of deals recorded in the financial services, information technology and real […]

Share Buyback Scheme an Unexplored Corporate Management Tool

A share buyback occurs when a company repurchases its shares from its shareholders. It is a situation where a company is investing in itself. In the past, this had given room to unscrupulous managers and promoters of companies to perpetrate fraud by creating an artificial buoyancy of the shares of companies and encourage dangerous speculative […]

Corporate Governance and Investor Confidence in Nigeria

The potential of an economy to attract investment depends largely on the state of governance of the economy and the policy thrusts of the managers of the economy. The primary duty of the managers of an economy is to use and maximize the limited resources of the economy efficiently to achieve the objectives of the […]