Business Advisory, Company Set-up and Regulatory Compliance

Business Advisory, Company Set-up and Regulatory Compliance

Once your company is founded, our corporate secretarial and compliance team ensures that it maintains good regulatory standing and is up to date with all mandatory filings and fees. The requirements for compliance vary substantially depending on the sector, type of company, frequency of statute changes, and size of the company. We work extra hard […]

Banking & Finance

In the intricate realm of banking and finance, scaling through regulatory complexities, managing market risks, and seizing fleeting opportunities demand more than just legal expertise. It requires a trusted pathfinder – a strategic ally who understands the pulse of the financial world and can tailor solutions that unlock your full financial potential. This is where […]

Employment & Labour Law

Our Employment and Labour Practice Group provides an array of services to help businesses navigate the complex realm of employment regulations. Our goal is to assist our clients minimize associated legal risks while fostering work environments compliant with local labour laws and global best practices. At TALP, we are committed to tailoring solutions to meet […]

Foreign Investment

Our Foreign Investments practice group specializes in offering advisory services to investors seeking opportunities in the current global marketplace. We prioritize comprehensive risk assessment and meticulous due diligence in our dealings to ensure that your investment strategy is thoughtfully mapped out in a manner that minimizes exposure to risks. Our proactive approach and working relationships […]

International Trade

Our International Trade Practice Group provides comprehensive services tailored to businesses engaged in international, regional, and cross-border trade. We also assist businesses looking to enter new markets or expand their operations by leveraging our profound understanding of local trade laws, regional trade agreements, and free trade pacts like ACFTA.  At TALP, our goal is to […]

Legal Advisory Services

Running a business comes with its challenges, and having a savvy adviser with in-depth legal knowledge is crucial. This is where our dedicated team steps in. We understand that dealing with rules and regulations can be a bit overwhelming, but we are here to make it easier.Being spot-on in Legal Advisory Services is important and […]

Real Estate

We represent and advise various players in the real estate space such as investors, financiers, purchasers, property owners, property developers, etc. Our expertise spans a wide variety of real estate services, including asset acquisition and disposition, formation and structuring of investment and operating vehicles, property perfection, and contract preparation. Practice Leads See All See All […]

Tax Advisory

Our Tax Advisory Practice Group comprises experienced legal and tax professionals who deploy an innovative and comprehensive approach to assist both domestic and international clients in addressing tax-related issues arising from a wide spectrum of taxes, including companies income tax, capital gains tax, and other sector specific taxes. Our suite of services encompasses meticulous tax […]


We have worked directly with clients in the insurance industry for over a decade. As a result, we rely on our understanding and extensive knowledge of the industry to assist our clients in navigating regulatory and compliance issues. We have advised clients in this industry on a wide range of issues and transactions, including share […]

Legal Audit

At TALP, we understand how legal loopholes or lawsuits can potentially damage a brand’s reputation or have catastrophic effects on the continuing viability of a company. We discover these legal loopholes by conducting preventive legal audits for forward-thinking organizations to minimize the possibility of legal issues disrupting their companies’ progress and getting them ready for […]