Welcome to our Media and Entertainment Practice Group, a dedicated hub for navigating the flourishing industry of media and entertainment in Nigeria. Our comprehensive advisory services span the music, print and digital media, fashion, film, and gaming sectors. These services are tailored to meet the unique needs of a varied clientele, encompassing investors, artists, songwriters, producers, writers, entertainment companies, animation and gaming companies, as well as publishing houses.

Our team of experts, with specialty in Intellectual Property law, tax laws, labour laws, data privacy, and litigation, brings a wealth of experience to comprehensively address all facets of entertainment matters. We prioritize achieving the optimal business outcomes for our clients, seamlessly integrating legal proficiency with a profound understanding of the business challenges inherent in the Media and Entertainment industry.

In addition to our advisory services, we excel in the development and review of various contracts, including sponsorship agreements, distribution contracts, and event management contracts. Going beyond, we facilitate trademark registration and address regulatory compliance matters. Our overarching objective is to ensure the robust protection of our clients’ intellectual property rights, safeguarding their valuable assets, brand names, goodwill, creative works, and ideas.

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