Folakemi Ijelu


Folakemi is a resourceful and reliable professional with a wealth of experience in administrative support, facility management, and human resources. With over fifteen years of expertise in managing various roles in fast-paced business environments, Folakemi has honed her skills as an independent and self-motivated individual, excelling in legal and administrative secretarial duties.

In her capacity as an administrative secretary, facility manager, and HR executive, Folakemi has consistently demonstrated her commitment to professionalism and responsibility in handling clients’ deliverables. Her attention to detail, dexterity, and strong interpersonal skills enable her to effectively communicate and engage with stakeholders at all levels.

If you are seeking a reliable and skilled professional to bolster your team’s capabilities, look no further than Folakemi. Her extensive experience and demonstrated expertise make her an ideal choice for any project or responsibility she takes on.

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