Akinbobola Akinluyi


Akinbobola is an Associate in the Firm’s Dispute Resolution department. His professional journey reflects unwavering dedication and fervent passion as a Legal Practitioner, consistently showcasing a client-centered approach that stands as a testament to his commitment. At the core of his practice lies a profound dedication to understanding and addressing client needs. Akinbobola’s enthusiasm drives him to craft innovative solutions and employ problem-solving skills, all directed toward achieving desired outcomes. His extensive experience encompasses a spectrum of legal domains.

He has consistently enriched the legal jurisprudence of Nigeria through his insightful contributions to electoral and banking and finance laws. Among his notable publications are; The Circular of the CBN on Cryptocurrency: The Legality and Effect of Same In Nigeria, Efficacy of Court Orders Directing The Conduct of Fresh Primaries Outside The 180 Days Threshold For General Elections: A Review of the Electoral Act, 2022, Nigeria Cash Withdrawal Limit: Legality of the CBN Circular with Ref. Nos.: BSD/DIR/PUB/LAB/015/069 and BSD/DIR/PUB/LAB/015, An Examination of when a Suit/Action is Statute-Barred: Review of the Supreme Court Decision in Karshi & Ors v. Gwagwa (2022) LPELR- 57544(SC), Legality of Placeholder Arrangement in Nigerian Electoral Process, among others.

In culmination, his journey as a legal practitioner, along with Tope Adebayo LP, has been one defined by unwavering commitment to justice, a tireless pursuit of excellence, and an unyielding belief in the power of the law to shape a fair and equitable society. As he reflects on the countless hours spent in research, the rigorous debates in courtrooms, and the empathetic connections forged with clients, he is filled with a profound sense of fulfillment and an enduring commitment to upholding the principles that underpin the legal system.


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