Infrastructure & Construction

At TALP, our Infrastructure and Construction Practice Group recognizes the paramount importance of revitalizing Nigeria’s infrastructure for the nation’s overall growth and development. In pursuit of this vision, we not only offer practical solutions but also maintain an unwavering commitment to guide each project from conception to implementation and beyond. Our commitment to project success is reflected in the comprehensive support we provide throughout the entire project lifecycle. 

Within our advisory portfolio, we address all facets of construction-related matters, delivering expert guidance on procurement strategies and adeptly drafting, advising, and negotiating various contracts—ranging from BOTs, concessions, PPP projects to DBO agreements.
Whether engaged in commercial negotiations, conducting thorough due diligence investigations,   ensuring regulatory compliance, or resolving disputes, our diverse team of experts possesses the practical knowledge needed to effectively manage and mitigate risks associated with construction and infrastructure projects.

Drawing from extensive experience across major sectors such as Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Mining, and Power, we provide specialized advisory services finely tailored to the distinctive needs of each sector. 

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