Data Protection & Privacy

Data Protection & Privacy

At TALP, our Data Protection and Privacy Practice Group excels in addressing challenges of data privacy and security comprehensively beyond mere regulatory compliance for the purpose of delivering unmatched benefits to our clients. Our expertise encompasses advising on crucial aspects, including cross-border data transfers, impact assessments, incident response planning, and due diligence and audits on […]


Within our Telecommunications Practice Group, we offer comprehensive legal support to a diverse array of players involved in the expansive field of telecommunications. This includes operators, service providers, equipment and apparatus manufacturers, as well as financial institutions. Our advisory services are well-informed and cover a broad spectrum of industry-related matters, such as local content requirements, […]

Intellectual Property

At TALP, we believe that having a comprehensive and well-thought-out strategy to safeguard an organization’s intellectual property is vital and key to effective intellectual property (IP) management and commercialization. We take pride in offering unique expertise on a wide range of intellectual property issues, including IP searching and clearance (due diligence), IP protection and investigation, […]


Welcome to our Media and Entertainment Practice Group, a dedicated hub for navigating the flourishing industry of media and entertainment in Nigeria. Our comprehensive advisory services span the music, print and digital media, fashion, film, and gaming sectors. These services are tailored to meet the unique needs of a varied clientele, encompassing investors, artists, songwriters, […]


Our Fintech and E-Commerce Practice Group provides a comprehensive range of services to various stakeholders in the industry, including investors, venture capitalists, credit providers, and start-ups operating at different business stages. Our offerings span from advising on investments and acquisitions to the development and introduction of cutting-edge financial products, such as mobile money, payment systems, […]

Technology & Digital Law

Legal and contractual connections between corporations, individuals, and governments are changing because of digitalization. As more data is collected, stored, and transmitted electronically, new monetization opportunities emerge, as do new risks and obligations, such as those related to data privacy and cybersecurity. Our cyber security and certified data protection experts excel not only in advising […]