Raising Capital Through Commercial Paper: Why Corporations Should Adopt a More Cost-Efficient Option

Open Banking in Nigeria: Legal Considerations for Data Sharing in Financial Services

Data is considered one of the most valuable assets in the world today. The amount of data being collected has grown exponentially with the rapid growth of digital technologies and the interconnectedness of various industries. According to the Economist, 97% of businesses use data for revenue growth. The whole concept of open banking leverages the […]

Regulatory Update: Increase in the Minimum Share Capital Requirements for Banks

REGULATORY UPDATE: Increase in the Minimum Share Capital Requirements for Banks  Introduction  The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) recently unveiled the Banking Sector Recapitalization Programme 2024 (the “Programme”) which mandates commercial, merchant, and non-interest banks to increase their minimum paid-in common equity capital before 31st March 2026. This marks the first increase since 2004 and […]