Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

ADR allows parties to resolve their disputes on their terms without resorting to litigation. Disputants are often uncertain about the best choice of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to adopt. We provide advisory services on ADR options in line with client’s needs and peculiarities from the point of contract negotiation to enforcement. Our alternative dispute resolution […]

Asset Tracing & Recovery

Tope Adebayo LP, is the preferred law firm in matters relating to Asset Tracing and Recovery because of our expertise in the systematic management of assets, encompassing their development, operation, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal, all done in the most cost-effective way while considering all associated costs, risks, and performance aspects. We have the expertise and […]

Employment & Labour Law

Our Employment and Labour Practice Group provides an array of services to help businesses navigate the complex realm of employment regulations. Our goal is to assist our clients minimize associated legal risks while fostering work environments compliant with local labour laws and global best practices. At TALP, we are committed to tailoring solutions to meet […]


We understand that some financial difficulties may arise from liquidity challenge. We are skilled in negotiating mutually beneficial solutions anchored on business recovery and corporate rescue. We ensure value creation by leveraging our commercial awareness to advise on the option of incentivizing ease of repayment by restructuring a facility on terms or mitigating exposure by […]


We have a track record of successful litigations in courts, judicial and quasi-judicial tribunals in Nigeria. Our litigation practice extends to all civil and criminal matters, which includes asset recovery, litigations in specialized transactions such as Commercial litigation, Tax, Aviation, Maritime, Oil and Gas, Finance, Construction, Labour law, Insolvency, Intellectual property and Information technology, Power […]


In our Probate Practice Group, we specialize in a range of services tailored to adequately capture and implement the wishes of our clients regarding their legacies. Central to our offerings is the precise drafting of Wills, facilitating a seamless transition of estate to loved ones. We provide expert advisory services, offering clarity on the legal […]