The Nigerian mining sector is a relatively untapped one with huge potentials for the forward-thinking miner and investor. The country has come to realize the urgent need for economic diversification and the mining sector is forecast to be a major win. Our mining team is poised to help you explore the full potential that this […]

Oil & Gas

As a focal industry in the Nigerian economy, all operations within the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry from exploitation to consumption, including potential environmental impacts are closely and keenly regulated by various supervisory bodies. At the core of these operations are complex contractual arrangements facilitating the movement of oil and gas from on-shore and off-shore […]

Infrastructure & Construction

At TALP, our Infrastructure and Construction Practice Group recognizes the paramount importance of revitalizing Nigeria’s infrastructure for the nation’s overall growth and development. In pursuit of this vision, we not only offer practical solutions but also maintain an unwavering commitment to guide each project from conception to implementation and beyond. Our commitment to project success […]

Power Projects

Nurturing renewable and conventional energy projects from inception to commercialization, Tope Adebayo LP’s Power Project practice group stands as a leading force in the energy sector. We are your one-stop shop for comprehensive legal and transactional advisory services, guiding you through every stage of project development with unparalleled expertise and strategic foresight. Our multi-disciplinary team […]