Like Flavin said, “The real potential of electricity lies not in providing social amenities but in stimulating long-term economic development”. Nigeria is at a defining moment in its history where it grapples with overhauling its electricity infrastructure and ensuring liquidity in the market whilst at the same time protecting consumer interests and engendering much-needed economic development.

Tope Adebayo LP is a Nigerian law firm that sees the full picture. As our clients strive to contribute their quota to this economic development, we help them navigate the relatively novel legal and regulatory framework of the Nigerian power sector in carrying out their operations. Our lawyers can provide timeous, practical, and bespoke solutions to several complex legal issues arising at any stage of a power project.

With the leadership of the firm’s energy partner, who has been involved in advising both generation and distribution companies as well as the industry regulator, NERC since the inception of the privatization movement of the Federal Government, the firm has an excellent grasp of the complex workings of the industry.

We also understand the important role of renewable energy in the mix considering the finite nature of fossil fuels, and we leverage our demonstrated industry knowledge in providing support to Independent Power Producers, Mini Grid Operators and Developers through their licensing and permitting processes, community relationships, development financing transactions, advisory on tax breaks and grants, contracting and day to day operations.

As part of our value addition, the firm has collaborated with an expert consultant on Renewable Energy Projects who can provide the needed guidance on project developments on IPP and mini-grid projects.

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