Excellent Epelle


Meet Excellent, a distinguished Trainee Associate with the esteemed Corporate Commercial department of our firm. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, she exemplifies the epitome of professionalism and class.

In the realm of legal research, legal writing, company secretarial duties, advisories and corporate/commercial document reviews, Excellent’s expertise shines brightly. Her work ethic is unparalleled, as she consistently delivers reliable and comprehensive corporate analyses and legal services, tailored precisely to meet the unique needs and challenges of Clients.

Throughout her academic journey at the prestigious Nigerian Law School, Excellent honed her skills through practical legal experiences that have become the cornerstone of her proficiency. As the distinguished team lead during the criminal litigation mock trial, she demonstrated remarkable leadership and poise in the courtroom. Moreover, her doubled tenure as the head of the Civil Litigation team and overall head of Property Law Practice for the 2021/22 set has left a lasting legacy of excellence.

We are delighted to have Excellent as an integral part of our team, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing her stellar career trajectory as we believe she will orchestrate landmark contributions that would inspire, innovate, and elevate the legal profession to new heights.

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